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How does Dextrus differ from Robohand?

Robohand is primarily aimed at people and children with Amniotic Band Syndrome which results in them being born without fingers. The main difference between it and the Dextrus hand is that it’s a purely mechanical device, it has no motors or electronics. The Robohand is ideal for a partial hand amputee since they can use wrist movement to open and close the hand mechanically. The Dextrus hand is much better for a full hand amputee since it gives them the use of a hand, without them needing to use another joint such as their elbow to move it mechanically. Robohand is another fantastic cause which you can donate to here.

Will it connect to my prosthesis?

Currently it’s been fitted with the standard Otto Bock connector so as long as you have an Otto Bock arm prosthesis then it will connect. Other manufacturers will be supported in the future so please get in touch if you have reservations and we’ll see what we can do.

Can the Dextrus hand be used for anything other than prosthetics?

Absolutely, people can use it for anything; animatronics, education, research, to build a robot. These users can utilise the USB connection to communicate with the hand.

Will there be a human-like skin cover?

No. Accurately coloured (skin-matched) coatings are typically very expensive and of course there is no “one colour fits all”. For this reason the Dextrus will be left uncovered and it’s my hope that users will wear it proudly.

Is the Dextrus hand waterproof?

No, the first version of the Dextrus Hand will be not be waterproof, but it will be splashproof. It is designed to minimize cracks and seams where water can seep in, and should be ok in the rain. Future versions of the hand will be designed with waterproofing in mind.

Will the Dextrus hand have an arm option?

No, the Dextrus is designed to fit a wide range of users. This means that all of the actuators and electronics fit inside the palm of the hand, making it suitable for a hand amputee or a forearm amputee. This could be an area of exploration in the future.

Can you use a touchscreen with the Dextrus hand?

No, modern touchscreens use the capacitive properties of the human hand to detect touch, but Version 1 of the Dextrus hand will not have materials which emulate the capacitive properties of human skin. Feel free to explore this one and it could be implemented in the future.

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